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Preparing For Divorce In Florida

Preparing For Divorce In Florida Lawyer, Orlando CityIn this article, you can discover:

  • Why you might want to move out before filing for divorce.
  • How a divorce could escalate to becoming a contested case.

Should I Move Out Before Consulting A Lawyer?

There is no one answer to this question. Obviously, every situation is different. In general, though, when a couple breaks up, one of them will move out. Who moves out doesn’t usually matter, although nowadays, more and more people stay in their homes until they get divorced because of how expensive everything is. There’s no easy solution to that problem. So ultimately, what each person does in this situation depends on their own specific circumstances.

Anyone who feels like they might be in danger should leave immediately.

Can An Uncontested Divorce Ever Become Contested?

It is possible for a divorce to become contested. For example, let’s say the paperwork is processing, and the other spouse says, “I took it to an attorney.” At that point, they will likely take the contested route. In that case, my client now needs to find an attorney specializing in contested divorces.

However, it could go another route where they say, “Hey, we’re not going to sign this as is, but we’re going to work together and figure out what can work for both parties.” In this case, negotiating terms before escalating the divorce may be possible.

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