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Introduction To Attorney Alec Solomita In Florida

Introduction To Attorney Alec Solomita In FloridaI’ve been a licensed attorney in Florida since 2007, which means I’ve been practicing for over 15 years now. I’ve spent most of that time as a bankruptcy attorney focusing on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

I started my career during the busiest time for bankruptcy attorneys. From 2008 to 2011 the economy took a big hit – which led to a significant impact on the market.

During this time, people were filing bankruptcies at a rate that, I feel, has yet to be matched since I’ve been practicing in this area of the law. Since I began my professional career, I haven’t seen anything busier than that time period. Because of these factors, I learned the field in a trial by fire during the most noteworthy time to do it, and I’ve been practicing bankruptcy law ever since.

I focus on assisting debtors with filing for bankruptcy and getting them out of stressful situations. In some cases, I am trying to save people’s homes or vehicles. In other cases, I am only trying to get their debts discharged so they can get a fresh start and move on with their lives in a more positive manner.

I worked at a law firm called Fisher & Frommer for the first seven and a half years of my career. Then, in September 2015, I left Fisher & Frommer and started Solomita Law, where I have been practicing on my own for over seven years now.

As someone who runs their own firm, my focus is on Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases. In addition to my experience with bankruptcy, I want people to come here and experience what they don’t feel they get at most law firms: a more personalized experience.

I tend to listen more than some attorneys might. I don’t overcharge. I try to establish a relationship with my clients because I know I’m the main person they will work with throughout the process.

I do all the work myself, so nobody else manages the case. Because I deal with everything, clients usually can feel like they can trust me a bit more, which helps with the overall experience.

I know that when I’m stressed about something and need to hire somebody, I want to feel like I’m being heard, that my matter is paid attention to, and that whatever I’m concerned with is being handled. We all like to feel like we’re important if we’re going to pay somebody our hard-earned money.

So, my goal is to provide you with that experience and get you out of your bad financial situation. I’ll be straightforward and tell you all the warts of your case upfront – because I don’t like to have surprises. In fact, most attorneys don’t like surprises, nor do most clients.

That means that when you work with me, you can depend on knowing your situation and being able to make an informed decision about how to move forward. I aim to give clients every fact and every piece of information that I can.

Sometimes, I’ve had to tell people to go in a different direction than they had in mind, but that’s part of my job. I’m here to evaluate the situation and put you in the best position to succeed, no matter what.

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