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The Solomita Law Difference: My Compassionate Approach To Bankruptcy

The Solomita Law Difference: My Compassionate Approach To Bankruptcy Lawyer, Orlando CityThere are countless benefits to hiring a lawyer when you’re struggling with debt. Not only can your attorney help you determine what the best path forward will look like for you, but they can also take steps to make your situation less stressful along the way.

For example, suppose you need me to tell your creditors that you have retained me for a bankruptcy filing so that they will stop harassing you. This can help buy you some relief while we get your affairs in order, but in most cases, I’m most effective when I can file the case. Why? Because then I can give creditors a case number.

The power of bankruptcy really takes effect when I tell a creditor, “This is the bankruptcy case number.” At that point, we’re freezing creditors, and they know it. Before that, having me on retainer can stop the harassment, but it won’t stop a creditor from suing you. As soon as that case number is filed, your creditors can’t keep going – they have to stop in their tracks.

How To Find A Qualified Bankruptcy Attorney

Which attorney you should hire truly depends on what you are looking for in an attorney. Some people pick a lawyer solely based on the price, which is understandable – you’re filing for bankruptcy, so you need to be able to afford it.

But while the cost of an attorney is an important concern, be careful of “bargain basement” pricing. There are those out there who represent themselves as bankruptcy attorneys while, in reality, are only there to prepare your bankruptcy petition. This means that if you need legal representation or advice, you very well may find yourself in a dire situation.

After you’ve sorted out those concerns, you always want to ensure that you find a lawyer with whom you work well. Fortunately, you can generally figure that out pretty easily by talking to the lawyer once. If you feel you don’t have the right chemistry, or like you’re not being heard, you likely don’t need to work with that lawyer or that type of firm.

Some people want a big law office with a “big law office feel” if they’re going to pay for an attorney, because they want to feel that they’re getting that stereotypical law firm experience. If that’s the case for you, my practice might be too small.

The trade-off there is that my firm is small enough to give thoughtful consideration to every person who walks through my doors. If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer who will be right by your side at every step of the way, my firm might be the right choice for you.

How My Firm Is Different From The Rest

I believe that one thing that sets my legal practice apart from others is that I truly don’t see myself as being above anyone else. Some attorneys will present themselves in a particular way to express their skill or professionalism – and that can leave the people that they work with feeling small.

I understand that I need to know more about bankruptcy than my clients do… but I don’t think this makes me somehow better than them, nor do I feel like there’s a reason for us to be on different levels.

My goal is to have a real conversation with anyone that I work with. I want my clients to feel comfortable when they’re in my office and to feel like they can talk about any aspect of their situation without being more stressed or uncomfortable than they likely already are.

In an ideal situation, I’d actually prefer to worry more about your case than you ever will. Some of my past clients have even mentioned this, asking me why I worried so much about an issue that never came up in their case. My answer to that question is this: That’s what you pay me for – to be prepared for anything so that you can hope for the best.

Along the way, I’ll be there to hear you out and give honest feedback where you need it. Some of my clients will meet with me a few times and then we’ll communicate via email the rest of the way. That’s all they’re looking for, and I’m okay with that. Other clients will call me every day for the first 20 days of their case. They need some extra support, and I’m okay with that too.

I don’t charge extra to be your attorney “more often”. To me, that’s part of the job. If you are a bankruptcy attorney and you’re not willing to be a therapist for your client when they go through what’s often the most stressful financial period of their life, I have to wonder what you’re doing as an attorney.

I know I’m only one of the countless attorneys who can get a bankruptcy case filed – but I believe that my work goes beyond that. I believe that every client should have the opportunity to feel validated for what they’re going through. So, I’m not just here to file your case; I’m here to deliver an experience and to make you feel comfortable and safe.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for Bankruptcy Law Cases In Florida, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll make it look easy. For more information on the Benefits Of Hiring Solomita Law, PLLC, When Struggling With Debt, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you seek today by calling (407) 305-5599.

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