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Alec Solomita Informs Listeners On Bold Talk Business Radio

  • Published: April 29, 2016

Alec Solomita Informs Listeners On Bold Talk Business RadioAttorney Alec Solomita, founder of Solomita Law, appeared in a recent interview with Donna Anselmo, host of BOLD TALK Business Radio, which airs on AM 1060 WMEL, Tuesdays between 1:00 and 2:00 PM EST. The show broadcasts to more than 4 million residents in Central Florida.

Intrigued by Alex’s commitment to helping individuals who are struggling with debt, Ms. Anselmo offered to facilitate subsequent teleseminars for people who want to learn more about their options for debt relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and other debt management programs.

During the April 7 teleseminar, Alec provided insight to the bankruptcy process by discussing common questions asked by clients who are considering bankruptcy. Wondering what was said? We’ve inserted a link to the recorded teleseminar so you may listen at your convenience. Please do listen, and let us know your thoughts. Click Here.

To ask us your own questions, feel free to use the form below or follow this link to our website where we have a slightly different form waiting for you. We’ll do our best to answer all questions in an upcoming teleseminar, blog article, return phone call—or all three. We look forward to hearing from you and will respond as quickly as possible.

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